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Podcasts for a more Positive Outlook

Podcasts are having a bit of a moment lately. Walk anywhere for five minutes and you will see someone with earphones in. Are they listening to the latest Justin Timberlake album? Perhaps. But more likely, they are listening to their favorite podcast. With the ability...

Three Ways Cities Can Keep Pace With The Tech Industry

Last year, in San Fransisco, 60% of real estate was leased by tech companies.  In New York City, the cab industry has declined in the wake of Uber. Chattanooga, Tennessee has witnessed a huge shift from manufacturing jobs to technology jobs in the past few years. What...

Silicon Valley Quarter Three Colliers Report

Here is a fantastic report on quarter three in Silicon Valley by Colliers International. Instead of summarizing it I thought it would be best to share it in it’s entirety here with full credit to the company for putting it together. A fantastic resource for...


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