A listing agent contributes significantly to the success or failure of a home sale. The real estate industry is continuously growing; there are several different agents in every town or city. Talking to these agents is the best way for a seller to get to know them and their professional capabilities. Agents will answer questions and give simple advice to a seller looking for a listing agent.

Questions to Ask

A seller should always ask questions and speak on their concerns when they’re meeting with different listing agents.

Here are some suggested questions to ask:

  • What is your geographical area of expertise? A listing agent should have expert knowledge in the geographic area where the potential listing is. An agent more familiar with the area will typically be able to market the home better.
  • What is your suggested listing price? An agent can only give a suggested listing price which may or may not be accurate. An accurate price would come from an appraiser. An agent that knows the area will be able to give an estimate based on recently sold homes in the area. It’s essential to get suggested listing prices from a few different agents to make sure they’re around the same price. If one agent gives a much higher price, it’s most likely inaccurate.
  • How will you market the home? This is a critical question. The marketing plan will determine how many potential buyers will see the house. An agent with access to more marketing tools could potentially sell the home faster and get a better price for it.
  • What is your fee? Commission fees are usually done by percentages, and they range from high to low. Often, the fee is based on what the agent offers. Agents with a higher fee may include more marketing techniques than an agent with a lower fee. In some cases, an agent may negotiate their commission, but it’s unlikely.

One of the most common mistakes made while choosing an agent is picking the agent that suggests the highest sale price or has the lowest commission. The price may be too high to sell, and the lower commission might mean the agent offers fewer services than another. 

It’s important to consider your listing agent carefully and do your research to ensure the best choice when selling your home. It never hurts to ask friends and neighbors for recommendations on agents they’ve worked with in the past. At least that way, you’ll have some first hand knowledge of any shortcomings or potential perks of a particular agent.