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You likely already know just how amazing Ted Talks can be. They can give wonderful insight, open up new ideas, or even change your entire way of thinking. They’ve been a longstanding go-to for the philosophical, the curious, and the creative. But there are a lot of talks out there. That’s why we’ve scoured the history of Ted Talks for these four Ted Talks that will absolutely change your thinking!

“What Really Matters At The End of Life

In this talk by BJ Miller, you’ll be inspired to fear the end of your life a little less and appreciate life a little more. It can definitely turn your thoughts and worries around, and offers a unique perspective that can help you look forward to the end – in the best of ways! It definitely brings to mind the thought of “quality over quantity” in that you can live a short but meaningful life, as well as find and create meaning in your day-to-day life to ensure you have as few regrets at “the end” as possible.

“What Makes A Good Life?”

This talk by Robert Waldinger covers a study on happiness and the lessons learned from it. It can really help you to reevaluate your priorities, how you handle every sort of situation, and even the people you associate with! This can be especially great for young adults who are still struggling to find their path in life.

“If I Should Have A Daughter”

Sarah Kay’s poem-style talk covers a variety of issues revolving around parenting. It’s a beautiful talk that’s presented in a very unique and pleasing way. And it will absolutely leave you deep in thought about parenting. Even parents with older kids or multiple kids can find a wealth of knowledge in her melodic talk.

“How The Worst Moments In Our Lives Make Us Who We Are”

Lastly, this insightful talk will help you better understand exactly why the bad is necessary for the good. In the talk, Andrew says that without the dragons, there would be no heroes. His powerful talk can help you change your outlook on even the worst situations.

What Ted Talks have you been inspired by? Which really changed you and the way you think?