So you’ve made the move to the city of San José! With the heart of Silicon Valley so close by, there is so much to do and see. But where to eat? This guide will help make this decision for you and lead you to some of the best places to eat in different neighborhoods in the area. You’ll be sure to find new ways of connecting with your community this way, because there is no better way to connect with your neighbors than over good, local food.   

Something Old: Bill’s Cafe
This breakfast destination is sure to give you and your family a taste of traditional American homeyness. It might not look like anything too fancy, but this place is sure to fill you up to the brim. Some people even refer to this place as a blast from the past, as it first opened in 1977 and hasn’t changed much since. The nice thing is that it won’t be too hard to find: Bill’s Cafe now has seven locations in San José! Make sure to get there early, though, as they close up shop at 3:00 pm. You won’t want to miss it, though! Their chilaquiles and chorizo scramble are to die for.  

Something Traditional: Bún Bò Huế An Nam
Did you know that San José has one of the largest Vietnamese populations in the United States? This means that the perfect place for you to go to lunch might be a place like Bún Bò Huế An Nam. Not only has this place received outstanding reviews, it’s also recognized as being a hidden gem with inexpensive food and authentic dishes. Naturally, one of their most popular dishes is the Bún Bò Huế, which is known for having incredibly flavorful broth. If you’re looking to be a little more adventurous, people sometimes are daring enough to order pizzle, but I’ll leave that decision up to you.   

Something Fun: Cafe Stritch
A popular place amongst locals, Cafe Stritch offers an ideal environment for craft beers and free live music. It’s no wonder the locals love it so much! You’re surely to become a part of the local following as soon as you step in. There’s something happening every weekend, and every Wednesday they have an all-vinyl DJ night, for those who have their roots in the past. You can look at their events calendar here.

Something New: Adega
With Silicon Valley constantly growing, you can bet that the restaurant scene is only growing exponentially, too. This restaurant, however, pairs a little bit of tradition with a modern twist. Adega serves traditional Portuguese food in San José’s Portuguese District but is new to the area, only opening first in 2015. But here’s something you might not know and might just love if you’re a new foodie to the area: this restaurant is the first and only Michelin-starred restaurant in San José, California. You will definitely not want to miss out on this destination if you’re looking for some gourmet eats and good local friends.  


Something Sweet: Treat Ice Cream Company
One of the best hidden gems in San Jose is the Treat Ice Cream Company. If you’re in the area, this establishment will surely be frequented by you and the family. Started up in 1951, its ice cream is old fashioned with smooth, original, creaminess. They have packed flavors such as marble butterscotch and coconut pineapple, but they also have four different vanillas on site! You definitely won’t want to miss this destination.

With the blossoming food scene in San José, your tastebuds will surely never be bored. Now it’s time for you to decide where to eat next in your new neighborhood.