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David Taran

Real Estate Professional & Perpetual Optimist

About David

David Taran is a firm believer in pursuing a diverse and balanced life. David is a licensed real estate broker in the state of California and a practicing lawyer for California, New York, Florida, and Quebec. As the co-founder of Sunstar Capital, David brings more than 26 years of experience that includes many different aspects of the investment process including negotiation, acquisition, finances, development, redevelopment, construction, and investment and property management.

Sunstar Capital is a recently launched commercial real estate company focused on high-growth markets in the Western United States. The venture utilizes the merging of several seasoned professionals, including co-founder, Mark Skeen.


Prior to his work at Sunstar, David was the founder of Divco West Properties, and also worked as a managing partner at his family’s manufacturing and retailing business. This venture, which operated on a global scale, gave him a perfect place to hone his diverse skill set that he continues to use today. As a partner, he worked on capital investments, strategic and financial planning, sales, real estate acquisitions, real estate negotiation, and currency trading and management.

David Taran also worked as a practicing attorney at Graham & James in Los Angeles. There, he specialized in Tax, Corporate, and Real Estate law. David holds a DEC degree from McGill University, an L.L.L degree from the University of Ottawa, a J.D. degree from Columbia University, and a Masters in Tax Law from New York University.

Throughout the span of his career, David has acquired $2.3 billion in real estate, which includes over 700 acres of land, 1,800 multi-family residential units, 449 hotel rooms, and 13.8 million square feet of buildings. David’s successful record is a testament to his diverse and balanced portfolio. David credits his rich portfolio to his earlier roles in as a managing partner and practicing attorney.

Meaningful, Mindful and Balanced

On a personal level, David is an advocate for creating a balanced, meaningful life. Despite his success, David upholds that a life filled with meaning and intent is far more enjoyable than a profitable one. To this end, he continues to support Project Happiness, a thriving non-profit started by his wife, Randy. Project Happiness is dedicated to providing the tools and resources needed for individuals to live an empowered, happier life.

David is proud to support the organization and serves on the board of directors. As a board member, David brings his unique experience and skill set to the table in an advisory capacity. His personal interest in the organization’s mission combined with his professional knowledge makes him an invaluable member of the board and his local community.

David’s continued passion for promoting greater happiness and meaning in everyday life continues to launch his career and leadership skills in exciting directions.

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Recent Blog Posts from David:

Palo Alto, CA Community Events

Palo Alto, CA Community Events

Something I am really passionate about is my local community here in Palo Alto, CA. An excellent resource to help stay involved is the Community Calendar. The calendar allows users to view everything that is going on within the community for each specific day of the week. Here are a few great events that caught my eye!

Music on the Square, 2018

Located at Courthouse Square on Broadway Street, Music on the Square is in the midst of hosting its 12th year of free outdoor concerts throughout the summer. The best news? It’s every Friday through August 31st starting at 6:00 pm, and it’s free!. Come out and enjoy a variety of live music, including rock, blues, pop, latin and much more while being surrounded by a plethora of good food choices.

‘Hold These Truths” at TheatreWorks Silicon Valley

TheatreWorks Silicon Valley is starting its season with a presentation of ‘Hold These Truths”, a play written by Jeanne Sakata. The storyline follows a Japanese-American students and the troubles he faced during WWII. Tickets are available online or at the box office starting at $35., and has various showtimes.

Redwood City Kiwanis Farmers Market

A great way to engage with your local community is by investing in it. Farmers markets are a great way to show support to the individuals and economy of the community by shopping local. Redwood City Kiwanis Farmers Market has been supplying residents with fresh, locally grown food since 1979. Located on the 500 Block of Arguello, they are open every Saturday, beginning at 8:00 am.

The Dancing Sowei Exhibition at Cantor Arts Center

For the next few months the Cantor Arts Center will be hosting The Dancing Sowei: Performing Beauty in Sierra Leone exhibition. On display will be a sowei mask that dates back to the women-only Sande Society who used dance to bring beauty to the world. Entry is free, and the center is open most days from 11:00 am- 5:00 pm.

This is only a few of the many events that will be happening in the Palo Alto community this summer. Be sure to check out the community calendar for yourself to see all the various ways to engage with the community.


Booming Housing Markets of 2018

Booming Housing Markets of 2018

The real estate market is ever fluctuating, and as a professional within the industry it’s important to keep up with current housing market trends. According to, here are 2018’s current hottest housing markets.

Midland, Texas

Likely in correlation to the recent oil boom, Midland surprises us all with landing in the top spot. The current average lifespan for listings on the market is 29 days! Also in its corner is its relatively low costs for big spaces, with a median listing price of $350,000, which will score you a four bedroom, three bathroom home.

Columbus, Ohio

Currently in the second spot, homes in Columbus spent an average of 32 days listed on the market. With an average median home price of $250,000, it’s also a hugely affordable option for families on the move. It is also where Ohio State University resides, which is another contributing factor to the cities real estate boom.

Boston, Massachusetts

Landing in the third spot on the list of hottest housing markets is Boston! Because Boston is such a thriving, diverse city this really comes as no surprise, as we have seen this city on the list plenty of times before. Home to Harvard University, the average time spent on the market per home is only 32 days, but does come with a costly average price of $580,000 per home.

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Surprisingly, Fort Wayne has climbed its way to the fourth spot on the list, a vast difference to its 10th place ranking for May 2018. Home spent an average of 34 days on the market, with an average listing price of $197,000. It is also the most affordable option on the list, surely attracting more families to the area.

A huge factor for last month’s housing trends that I didn’t see coming was the impact Amazon would have on the list. Its potential headquarter cities of Boston, Columbus and Dallas all showed up within the top 20 highest booming markets. Another surprising aspect of the list is the lack of Californian cities mentioned. Usually falling within the top 5 spots, California was not represented until spot 7 which is likely due to the high housing costs that seem to be rising, at a time when people are looking for more affordable options for their family.