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Most people are unaware of what a property manager does, but this is a highly helpful resource to your property. Property managers help to deal with all of the daily tasks and responsibilities associated with renting out property, so the landlord does not have to worry about them. A property manager will regularly do the following tasks.

Recommend rental rates and policies

Property managers may do research to find the most reasonable price for a rental property in that area to help drive tenants to apply. They may also help the owner to decide about rental policies like pets, smoking, property modifications, and parking. It’s important for them to make recommendations that coincide with their capabilities.

Find good tenants for a property

A property manager will typically be there every step of the way. They may clean and decorate the property, maintain landscaping services, advertise availability, show it to potential renters, collect applications, verify application data, and walk the new tenant through the leasing process.

Maintain the property

A property manager may have landscapers, contractors, or janitors under them, but they will be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day maintenance of the property. This will include making repairs, keeping the building and landscape in good condition, hiring maintenance employees, and managing extermination and trash removal.

Manage finances and budgets

Managers collect rent from tenants and enforce fees for things like late fees or property damage. To ensure that the building provides a profit for the landlord, the manager will create a budget and decide how to spend money on repairs, marketing, and other budgetary concerns. Managers keep detailed records of all income and expenses, and some of them may help with filing taxes.

Monitor tenants regularly

A manager will be on site regularly to ensure that tenants are following the terms of their lease. They may conduct inspections to find lease violations, view security footage of common areas, or take complaints from other tenants on the property.

Assist with tenant move-outs

In cases where a tenant breaks the lease or does not pay rent, the manager will be the one to go through the eviction process with the court. They will also notify tenants when their lease is up and determine if the tenant receives their security deposit. Once the tenant moved out, the property manager will start the process of finding new tenants all over again.